Executive chef Stig Drageide and his team prepare dishes and set menus using the best seasonal produce. They draw their inspiration primarily from European cuisines.

Christmas Menu 2017

We are looking forward to serving our special Christmas Menu to hungry and cheerful guests until December 23rd. This includes the well-known Christmas dishes as well as some new flavours and compositions.

Seating 1 from 11 am - 1pm
Seating 2 from 1.30 pm - 4 pm

Seating 1 from 4.30 pm to 7.30 pm
Seating 2 from 8 pm and onward

Caviar Menu

New this year is our special Caviar Menu. Henry Kissinger once said: "I’d do anything for caviar and probably did". We are now wondering; would you?

Carelian Caviar was founded in 2005 and is developing organic, farmed caviar in closed in-door pools from Siberian Sturgeon. Carelian Caviar was the first producer to be approved by the international restaurant organisation SRA for their sustainable produce, and they are also CITES certified.

Bon appétit!

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